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Holiday Loan Special Application

Interest Rate 7.5%   Term 1 Year

Holiday loans approved once per year, choose your loan amount carefully.


Additional Acknowledgement

  1. Loan proceeds will be deposited to your Share account.
  2. You understand that initial access/use of corresponding funds will constitute acknowledgement of receipt and agreement to the terms of the Holiday Loan Agreement and Disclosure.
  3. You grant us a security interest in all individual and joint share and/or deposit accounts you have with us now and in the future to secure your account. You may withdraw these other shares unless you are in default. When you are in default, you authorize us to apply the balance in these accounts to any amounts due. For example, if you have an unpaid balance, you agree we may use funds in your account(s) to pay any or all of the unpaid balance.

    By signing or otherwise authenticating above, you are affirmatively agreeing that you are aware that granting a security interest is a condition for the holiday loan and you intend to grant a security interest. You acknowledge and agree that your pledge does not apply during any periods when you are a covered borrower under the Military Lending Act. For clarity, you will not be deemed a covered borrower, and your pledge will apply, if: (i) you become obligated on a credit transaction or establish an account for credit when you are not a covered borrower; or (ii) you cease to be a covered borrower.

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Amount Requested:


Birth Date:
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*Provide most recent paystub if not employed by Avista Corporation*
Date of Employment:
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*This loan will fund directly into your Avista Corp Credit Union savings account.*

**   If you are a non Avista Employee please attach a current paystub.    **

***  Choose loan amount carefully, only ONE holiday loan approved per year.  ***

Applicant's Statement: I have answered the questions in this application fully and truthfully. I give your permission to investigate my credit record, if needed, and to check any statements I have made.
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