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Who We Are

Avista Corp. Credit Union has been around since 1934. The Credit Union was formed to provide rates of interest for savings accounts and low rates on loan products. We are a nonprofit entity overseen by a 12 member Board of Directors made up of current employee’s and retirees. The Credit Union’s sole purpose is to make our members' financial situation better by lowering current loan payments and increasing the dividends paid to the members.

Avista Corp. Credit Union is headquartered in Spokane and is the 51st largest credit union in the state of Washington. It is also the 2,198th largest credit union in the nation. It was established in 1934 and as of 2020, it has grown to six employees and 3,900 members. Avista Corp. Credit Union's savings rates are 63% higher than the national average, and it has a 5 star health rating according to Bauer Financial.

Avista Corp. Credit Union Mission Statement

  • To serve the needs of the members of the Avista Corp. Credit Union in the areas of deposits and loans.
  • To promote savings.
  • To provide a balance of competitive dividends and loan interest rates.
  • To minimize financial risk.

Purpose of the Avista Corp. Credit Union

The Avista Corp. Credit Union exists to provide services to its members – to help you meet your financial needs. We strive to provide you with efficient, professional and friendly service and assistance. We are dedicated to serving our members and are guided by our Mission Statement.


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